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A propos de nous

It is a stone's throw from the town of Erfoud, on the edge of the largest palm grove in Morocco, that the "Kasbah Tizimi Hotel" awaits you.

A charming hotel whose comfort flirts with that of the most renowned Riads.

Its architecture which uses all the resources of the adobe (the brown-ochre earth from which the ksars are made) reflects, in a thousand orange shades, the subtle plays of dawn and sunset.

The wrought iron windows, the freshness of the large rooms paved with zelliges and bichmat compete in beauty, the natural light provided by the vast patios, so many signs that do not deceive: at Kasbah Tizimi, it is an authentic welcome Moroccan, at the same time neat, warm and family which will rock your stay

The Tizimi kasbah is an ideal starting point for excursions to the great seas of Saharan dunes...

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